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Dr Jim Philp

Policy Analyst, Science and Technology Policy Division

+33 1 45 24 91 43

Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry
2 rue Andre-Pascal
75775 Paris

Jim started his career investigating microbial problems associated with the deep disposal of high level radioactive waste. He spent 4.25 years working for Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia in the late 80s as an oilfield microbiologist, investigating field problems e.g. water desalination, refinery problems, seawater injection, biocide control in large oilfield facilities. He held an academic post for 16 years at Edinburgh Napier University, teaching and researching environmental and industrial biotechnology. Whilst there, he became involved with various UK government initiatives in biotechnology, such as Biotechnology Means Business, and BioWise. He was a coordinator of the LINK Bioremediation Programme, at the academic-industrial interface. He returned to Saudi Aramco for a further 4.25 years to work on oilfield biotechnology and various fuels and chemicals projects, and was seconded as a design and commissioning engineer to the KAUST project.

He joined the OECD in 2011 with responsibilities in industrial and environmental biotechnology, marine biotechnology, biomass sustainability and synthetic biology. He has authored over 300 articles. In 2015 he was inducted into Who’s Who.