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Dr James Mittra

Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director of the Innogen Institute

0131 650 2453

School of Social and Political Science
STIS, G.33 Old Surgeons’ Hall
High School Yards
University of Edinburgh EH1 1LZ

James Mittra is a Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director of the Innogen Institute. His research focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to the complex and dynamic ways in which the life sciences are affecting the nature and process of technological and therapeutic innovation within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Previous work on mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances amongst large pharmaceutical firms led to growing interest in the area of translational medicine/research, in the context of both the changing relationship between basic and clinical research, and the emergence of new organizational relationships and regulatory developments that are crucial for the successful translation of new therapeutic discoveries into clinically beneficial products. More recently, he has begun to explore the concept of value(s) in health-related innovation; particularly in the context of interdisciplinary research where the distinction between public and commercial is not always clear. James has published widely on issues of strategic management and governance of the life sciences, as well as mapping new value systems and business models for novel therapies and new approaches to drug development, such as stratified medicine. He has recently co-edited a book with Christopher Paul-Milne (Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development) on 'Translational Medicine: The Future of Therapy?’ and is currently completing a monograph on the New Health Bioeconomy. Recent work also includes a completed Technology Strategy Board project to map product development pathways in Regenerative Medicine, and a knowledge exchange project with Syngenta to look at risk and uncertainty in agricultural biotechnology innovation. James is also Co-Director of the MSc in the Management of Biotechnology, Innovation and Governance (BIG).

PhD supervision

James is interested in supervising students on a broad range of topics in health-related innovation, policy and regulation, including new empirical and theoretical approaches to the health-related bioeconomy and translational medicine; risk governance and regulation of new therapies; value(s) and valuation practices in health innovation; understanding new business models and commercialisation strategies in life science industries, and emergence of new R&D practices and stakeholder relations within life sciences. He is also interested in supervising projects in related sectors, where appropriate, such as agro-biotechnology.

Current research

Completed research