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George Papamichail (Student)

ESRC Research Student

School of Social and Political Science
Old Surgeons’ Hall
High School Yards
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, UK EH1 1LZ

Research interests

Regional innovation systems; STI policy learning; catch up theory.

Current research (PhD)

Title: “Is the notion of Smart Specialisation working for Europe's follower regions? Lessons from Southern regions”

Dates: Oct 2013 - Sept 2017

George Papamichail is a 3+1 ESRC Research Student (Grant ES/J500136/1). His research seeks to investigate the emerging role Smart Specialisation is currently taking as a relatively new academic concept in the regional innovation studies. Focusing particularly on less-favoured EU environments, George examines whether, how and under what specific conditions Smart Specialisation practices could influence the ability of technologically backward regions to catch up.

Supervisors: Dr. Alessandro Rosiello, Prof. David Wield

George Papamichail’s CV - 2015 PDF, 150KB