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Fredrick Ajwang (Student)

PhD Research Student

121 Pomander Crescent
Walnut Tree
Milton Keynes

Current research (PhD)

PhD Title: Private Food Standards as an Agency to Govern Value Chains. A Case Study of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exports Sector in Kenya

Dates: Sep 2015 - Oct 2019

This research is set to explore how food private standards can be used to govern fresh fruits and vegetables export value chain in Kenya. Fresh fruits and vegetables exports sector in Kenya is a sub-category in agriculture dominated by smallholder producers growing high value crops for export to European retailers. Since the European food scares of 1990s, the European retailers formulated food standards that have since been used to govern the sourcing of food from developing countries.

Using mixed methods approach this study is set to apply Foucault’s governmentality and E.P. Thompson moral economy theories to analyse the research problem. Through governmentality, governance as a sub-set of power is problematised and analysed based on the notion that free markets can only be governed when certain contested ideals and narratives are put forward by powerful actors thus allowing them to formulate standards to govern the value chain.

The study, thus, hypothesizes that when liberal value chains are governed, the free rider problem in governance is created thus in extension, the research explores how the free rider problem is potentially solved within the governance of value chains through Thompson’s moral economy theory.

Supervisors: Professor David Wield, Professor Joanna Chataway & Dr Julius Mugwagwa

Fredrick Ajwang’s CV - 2016 PDF, 338KB