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Dr Dmitriy Myelnikov

Former Research Fellow

Dmitriy works on the history of genetically modified animals.

After an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences, Dmitriy completed a masters degree and a PhD at the department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge. His PhD thesis is a history of genetically modified (transgenic) mice that focuses on the invention and early adoption of these animals, with close attention paid to circulation of materials, researchers and techniques, and the communication of this research to diverse audiences.

Dmitriy’s broader interests include histories of genetics, molecular biology, biotechnology, embryology and reproductive technologies; history of scientific publishing, science journalism and science-media relations; and historical and STS work on scientific uses of animals.

Dmitriy has joined STIS in July 2015 to work on the Historicizing Dolly project, funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council. His work in Edinburgh focuses on the history of genetic engineering, biopharming and nuclear transfer at the Roslin Institute, where Dolly was cloned in 1996, as well as the transformation of British agricultural research funding in the 1980s and 90s.