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Professor Dale Sanders


John Innes Centre
Norwich Research Park

Dale Sanders graduated with a BA degree from the University of York and went on to obtain a PhD in Plant Biophysics at Cambridge University in 1979.

He spent five years at Yale University School of Medicine using fungi as model systems for understanding how plants absorb mineral ions. Dale returned to York as a lecturer in 1983. His research since that time led to insights – through physiological, biophysical, biochemical and genetic approaches - into the fundamental mechanisms by which plants absorb and distribute inorganic ions. These mechanisms have key roles in the control of crucial crop traits such as nutritional value of foods, seed germination, and how plants cope with toxic elements in the soil.

Discoveries in the Sanders Lab led to awards that included the Koerber European Science Prize and election as a Fellow of the Royal Society. After heading up the Biology Department at York from 2004, Dale was appointed in 2010 as Director of the John Innes Centre, an internationally leading centre in plant sciences and microbiology, where he continues to run an active research programme.