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Professor Alistair Elfick

Professor of Synthetic Biological Engineering

+44(0)131 650 7254

SynthSys – Synthetic & Systems Biology Research Centre & Institute for Bioengineering
University of Edinburgh
The King’s Buildings
Edinburgh EH9 3JL

Alistair has a background in Biomedical Engineering from which an involvement in synthetic biology was spawned in 2005. Since then, and with the help of many, he has become firmly engaged in the UK’s emergent SynBio community. Alistair is Director of a BBSRC Synthetic Biology Network and also Deputy Director of the BBSRC/EPSRC/MRC Synthetic Biology Research Centre of the University of Edinburgh, SynthSys Mammalian Alistair was also an inquiry member for the Royal Academy of Engineering's inquiry on synthetic biology (June ‘09).

Alistair’s research interests include whole cell biosensors for pollution, therapeutic compound biosynthesis and biofuel synthesis / biomass degradation technologies. An allied research interest lies in the cross-fertilisation of the SynBio and creative communities within the Synthetic Aesthetics project and its related book of the same name.

Alistair also preserves a strong interest in facilitating public dialogue surrounding SynBio; he was a consultant to the BBSRC’s SynBio Dialogue (June ‘10) and has delivered public lectures across the globe.

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