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Dr Alan Raybould

Lead for Regulatory Science

Schwarzwaldallee 215

Alan has a degree in Botany from the University of Manchester and a PhD in Populations Genetics from the University of Birmingham. After completing his PhD, he worked for the UK’s Centre for Ecology and Hydrology for 11 years, where he led a research group developing methods for estimating gene flow among populations of wild plants, and studying the ecological genetics of insect and virus resistance in wild relatives of crops.

In 2001, Alan joined Syngenta, where he worked in the Product Safety department at Jealott’s Hill International Research Centre near Bracknell in the UK. While at Jealott’s Hill, he led the preparation of environmental risk assessments as part of worldwide regulatory submissions for the company’s transgenic crops. He became a Syngenta Fellow in 2007.

In July 2014, Alan moved to Syngenta’s HQ in Basel, Switzerland, where he is the Lead for Regulatory Science in Crop Protection Global Policy and Stewardship.

Alan is a visiting Professor in the School of Biological Sciences in the University of Southampton. His research interests include the development of efficient and effective environmental risk assessments for transgenic crops with multiple traits, predictive ecological modelling of the effects of agricultural management on ecosystem services, and the development of regulatory policies that encourage agricultural innovation and environmental protection.


Listed below are some of Alans' publications that are most relevant to Innogen’s interests:

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