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Professor Alan Murray

Professor and Head of Institute for Bioengineering

+44(0)131 6505589

Institute for Bioengineering (IBioE)
School of Engineering
Faraday Building, King’s Buildings
Colin Maclaurin Road
Edinburgh EH9 3DW

Alan Murray is Professor of Neural Electronics and Dean of Students for Science and Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. He introduced the Pulse Stream method for analogue neural VLSI in 1985.

Murray’s interests are now in (a) biologically-inspired computational forms (particularly in VLSI hardware), where noise and overt temporal behaviour are important, (b) direct interaction between silicon and real neuronal cells and networks and (c) silicon chips for biomedical applications.

Murray is a Fellow of IET, IEEE and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Principal Fellow of the HEA and has published over 340 academic papers.