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Dr Pablo Schyfter

Former Innogen Associate

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Pablo Schyfter has undergraduate degrees in Drama and Science, Technology, & Society from Stanford University. He subsequently received an MSc and a PhD in Science and Technology Studies from the University of Edinburgh. His doctoral work focused on the manners and modalities in which technological artefacts, subjects, and bodies are rendered as ontologically intelligible entities in social life. After a term as a Teaching Fellow at the Science Studies Unit, Pablo began working as a Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University and the University of Edinburgh, researching sociological and philosophical issues related to synthetic biology.

Synthetic aesthetics: connecting synthetic biology and creative design practice:

Research Interests

Pablo Schyfter works in the sociology and philosophy of technology, and in the sociology of knowledge. Currently, he focuses on synthetic biology, looking at key issues in the philosophies of technology and biology. Specifically, he studies ontology, epistemology, kinds, and function. His work draws heavily from phenomenology, particularly the work of Martin Heidegger, as well as performative theories of knowledge, such as the Strong Programme. His work on 'Synthetic Aesthetics' has led him to explore issues of design and engineering knowledge in synthetic biology. He has previously written in feminist technology studies, masculinity studies, and in social studies of age and ageing.