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Dr Dagmara Weckowska

Lecturer In Business And Innovation

+44 1273 873521

University of Sussex
Jubilee Building JUB-205
Sussex House, Falmer
Brighton, BN1 9RH
United Kingdom

Dagmara has joined the University of Sussex as a lecturer in Business and Innovation in 2014. Prior to taking the post Dagmara worked as a research fellow in Innogen - Institute for Innovation Generation in the Life Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. She holds a PhD in Technology and Innovation Management from SPRU-Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Sussex (2013). During her doctoral study Dagmara worked as a teaching fellow in the Department of Business and Management (2011-13) and was involved in a range of research projects in SPRU for the European Commission, the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, and the UK Intellectual Property Office. Previous to that, Dagmara obtained a MSc in Applied Social Psychology from the University of Sussex and a Magister degree in Psychology (Organisational Psychology) from the University of Wroclaw, Poland.

Research Interests

Dagmara’s research explores individual, organisational, legislative and regulatory aspects that affect the emergence of science-based innovation. She is interested in why and how scientists share knowledge, particularly with non-academic innovators; how research commercialisation practices at universities, including intellectual property and knowledge management practices, evolve over time to stimulate innovation; and how legislative and regulatory frameworks affect knowledge creation and knowledge sharing between universities and industry.


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