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Dr Sarah Parry

Former Innogen Associate

0131 650 6395

After completing a PhD in the Science Studies Unit (University of Edinburgh) in 2003, Sarah Parry joined Innogen/RCSS as a lecturer in Sociology. Her doctoral research focused on the UK public debates about stem cell research (SCR) and is underpinned by an academic background in sociology, cultural studies and science and technology studies.

Research Interests

As part of previous and current work, she is interested in:

• The construction and negotiation of knowledge and expertise.

• Classifications and understandings of nature.

• Reproductive technologies/reproductive genetics.

• The promises and limitations of public engagement in wider governance processes.

• 'Public Sociology' and the role of social science and critique in society.

• Issue framing (as technical, social, ethical, political etc.) in decision-making processes relating to science, technology and medicine.

Completed research