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Dr Sue Oreszczyn

Former Research Fellow

01908 653443

After graduating from University College London with a degree in physical geography, Sue has researched on areas of key importance for managing our environment in a sustainable way. This has included a PhD in systems approaches to landscape management, in particular, hedgerow conservation, and participatory research on stakeholder attitudes and perceptions to agri-environmental issues. She has been involved in a number of projects concerned with understanding the views and issues associated with agri-environments that concern all stakeholders, from those at the policy level, such as senior policymakers, environmental NGO’s and consumer groups, through to the public and the farmers working at the ground level.

Sue's research interests include linking policy research and practice; cooperative and participatory research; knowledge exchange; communities of practice; attitudes, values and learning concerning new technologies; systems approaches to landscape management and evaluation and agri-environmental issues; environmental perceptions and decision making. She has a particular interest in participatory methodologies and the use of visual techniques in research, such as scenario mapping, influence mapping and cognitive mapping.

Completed research