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Dr Ann Bruce

Senior Research Fellow, Co-Director of Innogen - Agriculture, Food & Environment

0131 650 6364

Science Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS)
School of Social and Political Science
University of Edinburgh
2.01 Old Surgeons’ Hall, High School Yards
Edinburgh EH1 1LZ

Ann has postgraduate degrees in both natural and social sciences and a long-term interest in innovation in the life sciences, particularly agriculture. She has worked in the agricultural industry and subsequently enjoyed a portfolio career at the Roslin Institute and the University of Edinburgh, while completing a part-time PhD at the Open University. She worked as a Research Fellow at the ESRC Innogen Centre and is currently a part-time NERC Agri-Food Knowledge Exchange Fellow and part-time lecturer.

Ann is a co-opted expert member of Exotic Disease Sub-group of the Defra Science Advisory Council and a Member of the Steering group for Scottish Funding Council Knowledge Exchange project on control of paratuberculosis in cattle (PARABAN). 2011-2013. She was appointed to the SRUC Animal Research Ethics Committee in October 2013.

Ann contributes to several courses in the College of Humanities and Social Science including Research Design, Master of Public Policy, Master of Laws, Masters in Management of Bioeconomy, Innovation and Governance, MSc in Science and Technology in Society, and in the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine MSc in Science Communication & Public engagement. She has also worked closely with Catherine Lyall in running capacity building workshops around conducting interdisciplinary research, and she is Associate Director Research (KE & Impact) at STIS since August 2016.

Ann supervises students working on innovation in the life sciences, including agriculture.

Research interests

Ann has a portfolio of research that has two main strands. One involves innovation and regulation of life science industries focusing on what might be loosely termed ‘agricultural biosciences’ and how they can contribute to sustainable development. A second strand involves the wider context of research: particularly the conduct of interdisciplinary research, the way in which stakeholders are engaged in that research and the use of information in research.

Ann Bruce CV - 2013 PDF, 34KB

Current research

Completed research