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Dr Mark Winskel

Chancellor’s Research Fellow on Energy Innovation

+44 (0)131 651 4086

Science Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS)
School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh
2.10 Old Surgeons’ Hall
High School Yards
Edinburgh EH1 1LZ

Dr Winskel is an interdisciplinary social scientist working on energy and environmental research problems, based in the Science, Technology and Innovation Studies group in the School of Social and Political Science, at the University of Edinburgh.

He also works for the UK Energy Research Centre and ClimateXChange, Scotland's national centre for expertise on climate change.

His research addresses the dynamics of socio-technical system change and innovation. This involves combining together knowledge of organisations and institutions, and the wider societal context for energy production, distribution and consumption. He has a research background in Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS), and is interested in applying concepts and methods from technology and innovation studies to the energy sector, including innovation systems and transitions management frameworks.

Dr Winskel is also an active interdisciplinary energy researcher. His past role as national Research Co-ordinator for the UK Energy Research Centre involved initiating, supporting and leading collaborations between researchers from the social sciences, engineering and physical sciences and environmental sciences on energy and climate change research problems, and especially UK energy system change. He recently led a review of interdisciplinary research achievements and lessons in Phase 2 of the UK Energy Research Centre to help inform Phase 3 UKERC research from 2014.

Dr Winskel has an interdisciplinary educational background, with degrees in physical, environmental and social sciences.

Current research