Innogen · News · September 21, 2005

22 Sep 2005 - Genomics Forum Launched: 781

The Economic and Social Research Council’s (ESRC) Genomics Policy and Research Forum

An international policy and research forum to help further our understanding of the use of genomics related science and technologies - from genetic testing to DNA fingerprinting, from plant and animal breeding to development of new drugs and therapies - was launched in Edinburgh on Thursday 22 September 2005.

The Economic and Social Research Council's (ESRC) Genomics Policy and Research Forum will be a key component in connecting research on the social and economic implications of genetics discoveries, from a network of academic centres, with public and policy debate.

Led by Professor Michael Banner and based at the University of Edinburgh, the Forum is part of a £12 million investment into genomics research by the ESRC.

Further details of the Genomics Forum launch can be found here..