Innogen · News · May 12, 2008

Leading Innovation and Development Studies Scholar to visit Innogen at the Open University.

The Open University

Professor Judith Sutz from Uruguay has been awarded an ESRC/SSRC Fellowship to visit Innogen at the Open University. Anyone interested in Prof. Sutz's visit should contact Jo Chataway or Rebecca Hanlin.

Project title: University-society oriented research in developing country biosciences

This project aims to initiate a line of 'university-society oriented research' aimed at developing more equitable access to high quality health services focusing specifically on biosciences capacity in developing countries.  This collaborative research will focus on investigating what research has already been conducted in this area and where the gaps in research activity exist that need filling.  This visiting fellowship will provide an opportunity for researchers working on these issues in both Uruguay and the UK to share experiences and develop a new research proposal building on the strengths of each collaborating institution.  This will provide an opportunity for integrated health innovation research that addresses issues of equity and industrial competitiveness in ways previous social science research has not while at the same time develop the skills of Innogen's young researchers.  The immediate outputs of this project (a working paper, seminar and full project proposal) will provide the basis for longer term outputs which will not only fill a gap in social science research through the conduct of new empirical and epistemological interdisciplinary research but which also has a policy focus and deliver timely policy recommendations.