Innogen · News · March 16, 2008

Innogen invites applications for doctoral studentships starting in September 2008

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Innogen invites applications for doctoral studentships starting in September 2008.

The ESRC Centre for Social and Economic Research on Innovation in Genomics (Innogen) invites applications for an ESRC doctoral studentships starting in September 2008.

We particularly welcome proposals that address one of the following topics:

  • Translational research: the changing relationship between public and private

  • The emerging new sciences of systems biology and synthetic biology

  • Life science innovation and health equity

  • Internationalisation of the pharmaceutical and life science industries

  • Mapping global public private partnerships for neglected diseases

  • Biosciences and institutional transformation of global agricultural and health organisations

  • Assessing democratic governance of new life science technologies

  • Multi-level governance and its limitations

  • Risk and life science innovation beyond the precautionary principle

  • Intellectual property and life science innovation

  • Exploration of new interdisciplinary methodologies for exploring the diffusion and impact of genomics innovation

  • Innovation and regulation interactions in the development of clinical stem cell therapies

However, PhD research can be in any area of Innogen’s work and we encourage other innovative proposals for PhD research.

The current pool of potential supervisors includes: Jane Calvert, Sarah Cunningham-Burley, Gill Haddow, Graeme Laurie, Catherine Lyall, Donald Mackenzie, James Mittra, Sarah Parry, James Smith, Robin Williams, David Wield, Joanna Chataway, Norman Clark, Mariana Mazzucato, Theo Papaioannou, Paul Quintas, Peter Robbins, and Roberto Simonetti. 

Information about scholorship and student funding at The University of Edinburgh can be found at

Informal enquiries for positions at The University of Edinburgh may be made to .  Application forms for Edinburgh University can be found at

Requests for information and applications to the Open University should be submitted through , Innogen Centre, Technology Faculty, Open University, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA. Informal enquiries may be made to

Applicants should include, with their completed application form, a short outline of their research project idea which should fit within the research priorities of the Innogen Centre. The outline should include an introduction, the key research aims and questions, why the topic is important and proposed methodology.