Innogen · News · October 1, 2007

Innogen Enters its Second Phase

October 1st marks the beginning of Phase 2 (2007-2012) of Innogen.

Our ESRC Centre for Social and Economic Research on Innovation in Genomics. The contract currently being finalised with the UK Economic and Social Research Council will bring over £5.2 million over five years from 1 October 2007 , together with three centre-based doctoral studentships, for the University of Edinburgh and the Open University.

Professor Dave Wield will relocate from the Open University to Edinburgh to take on the role of Director although Professor Joyce Tait will stay very much involved as Scientific Advisor to Innogen. Professor Robin Williams remains as Co-Director at Edinburgh with Professor Joanna Chataway taking on the role of Co-Director at the Open University.  Dr Catherine Lyall returns to Innogen as Deputy Director and Centre Manager and Dr James Smith takes on the role of Director of Developing Country Research.  Dr Peter Robbins will be Joanna’s deputy at the Open University.

The five year research strategy mapped out over a year ago is now being turned into concrete projects and Innogen staff are currently working to build the first year’s programme which will focus on the evolving new life science economy; and on governance and regulation of the new life sciences.

New projects will begin on:

  • big and small company innovation strategies

  • translational research (including a new course on translational medicine)

  • stem cell research

  • the emergence of new areas of genomics and post-genomics such as systems biology and synthetic biology

  • global bio-health partnerships, access and inclusion, and the limits of multi-level governance

  • governing identity transformations in the post-genomic age; and into forms and styles of participation

and that is just a selection…