Innogen · News · March 1, 2016

Niki Vermeulen working on ‘Virtual Edinburgh’ initiative with Bill Jenkins at STIS

‘Curious Edinburgh’ project about the history of science, technology and medicine in Edinburgh

Niki Vermeulen is working with new Research Fellow Bill Jenkins at STIS on a AHRC cultural engagement project in collaboration with James Loxley (litlong project on literature in Edinburgh) and Richard Rodger (project on the social history of Edinburgh) and as part of the ‘Virtual Edinburgh’ initiative from EDINA.

Virtual Edinburgh (VE) will create the technological infrastructure to turn the entire city and its environs into a pervasive, interactive learning environment. The aim is to make Edinburgh the City of Learning. Through a smartphone, tablet or wearable device anyone will be able to learn about the rocks beneath their feet, the buildings and trees around them, the birds above them, the history of every location and the art in every vista and make their own contribution to knowledge.

Bill Jenkins has started working on ‘Curious Edinburgh’, a project to make a website and a mobile app about the history of science, technology and medicine in Edinburgh.

Further information about the ‘Virtual Edinburgh’ project can be found in the EDINA blog on the elearning@ed forum’s 2015 conference of 23 Apr-15 focusing on Designing for 21st Century Learning, in the session with Prof. Jonathan Silvertown on ‘Virtual Edinburgh – Turning the whole city into a pervasive learning environment’.

Virtual Edinburgh PowerPoint presentation.