Innogen · News · August 20, 2015

MSc Highlight – MSc in Development Management at the Open University

Innogen OU organises an on-line master’s programme in Development Management that focuses on a wide range of activities and occupations, relevant to those working in development in the UK and throughout the world.

The programme offers modules on Development Practice and Context, Capacities for Development Management, Institutional Development and Conflicts Management. These different modules can be studied individually as well as for qualification awards.

The MSc in Development Management seeks to meet the needs of development professionals and those aspiring to work in development by:

  • providing conceptual tools for understanding and interpreting rapidly changing development arenas of public action;
  • developing competencies in strategic management, managing interventions at project and programme level, building inter-organisational relationships, and managing conflict; and
  • nurturing key professional skills, including negotiation and brokering, mapping and modelling, project design, development and evaluation.

For full details on the MSc in Development Management visit:

For questions, please contact Richard Pinder