Innogen · News · August 20, 2015

Chataway and Hanlin Evaluate IAVI’s Capacity Building Activities in East Africa

Innogen’s Joanna Chataway and Rebecca Hanlin with RAND Europe recently completed an evaluation of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative’s (IAVI) capacity building activities in East Africa.

IAVI commissioned RAND Europe to evaluate its activities in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda related to strengthening to ability to conduct clinical trials, increasing scientific and technological capacity, and developing organisational, advocacy, and broader development capabilities. The research was done as part of a core stream of work at Innogen, and the report is a result of the long-running collaboration between the Institute and RAND Europe.

The project found that IAVI has made significant contributions in supporting scientific excellence and good clinical practice, as well as in investing in infrastructure and laboratories; however, challenges still exist in ensuring sustained investment, accessing marginalised populations, and demonstrating progress in capacity building.

Read more about the project and its findings at: