Innogen · News · June 29, 2015

Tait and Kingiri Join U.S. Committee on Gene Drive Research

Joyce Tait and Ann Kingiri have been asked to join a new U.S. National Academy of Sciences Committee to review the state of the science of gene drive research.

The committee will convene in July 2015 to explore “Responsible Conduct of Research on Gene Drives in Non-Human Organisms”, and aims to identify key scientific techniques to reduce ecological and other risks, characterise and assess environmental hazards, and develop appropriate mitigation strategies that need to be considered ahead of field releases of organisms that carry gene drives. The committee will report back in April 2016 with general principles for investigators, research funders, and regulators to guide responsible practices in gene drive research from laboratory settings through to field releases.

Tait and Kingiri’s invitations come as a result of their expertise and work on innovative emerging technologies and governance in the life sciences.

More information on the committee can be found at:

Prof Joyce Tait

Dr Ann Kingiri