Innogen · News · December 4, 2014

New Policy Brief on Indian Bio-pharma Industry Associations

Theo Papaioannou, Andrew Watkins, Dinar Kale and Julius Mugwagwa have produced a new policy briefing on “The Role and Potential of Indian Bio-pharma Industry Associations in Strengthening Healthcare Innovation Capacities”.

The new briefing from Innogen OU considers the role and potential of biopharmaceutical industry associations in
building capacities for health innovation in India. Empirical evidence from their Leverhulme-funded project on, “Unpacking the Role of Industry Associations in Diffusion and Governance of Health Innovations in Developing Countries” indicates that biopharmaceutical associations and related umbrella organisations play a critical role in informing government on regulation and standards, having forged an uneven yet productive relationship with government that has contributed to a robust and dynamic Indian biopharmaceutical industry.

However, further developing India’s biopharmaceutical industry in a way that both builds its globally competitive innovation capacities while effectively addressing its local healthcare needs will require greater trust and transparency and more complimentary relations between industry and government and civil society.

For this reason, it is recommended that policies that facilitate platforms for collaboration geared toward inclusion, substantive knowledge exchange, simplification of policy and regulatory processes, and the promotion of risk finance should be encouraged.

Read the full policy brief