Innogen · News · October 10, 2014

Innogen Institute Scholarship Recipients 2014-15

Innogen awards its first institutional scholarships to Lucy Stewart and Kim Yeung

This year we offered the first Innogen Institute Scholarships to two outstanding MSc BIG students in our 2014-15 class. We are pleased to announce that the recipients of these awards went to Ms Lucy Stewart and Ms Kim Yeung.

We asked them to share a bit about themselves and their hopes for their year of study with Innogen at the University of Edinburgh.

Lucy Stewart
Originally from the US, I completed my undergraduate degree in Physiology at the University of Edinburgh in 2012 and then embarked on two years work in the third sector where I completed a number of research projects. I knew something didn’t sit right with the work I was doing when I stumbled on the BIG programme.

I was attracted to BIG because of its interdisciplinary approach. Innogen is active in addressing the problems and pitfalls of the bioeconomy, not simply analysing its complexity. As someone who didn’t just want to study theory (I’m a big believer in the “do” spirit) it seemed a good fit. I’m excited to apply my learning and experience to scenarios especially in my work based placement. It’s also a real pleasure to be surrounded by thought leaders and likeminded students.

The degree blends my interests in science and society, systems analysis and cross sector collaboration. Already I am making connections between my work experience and outside interests such as design, social entrepreneurship and art.

I’m hoping BIG will enable me to enter work with confidence to competently advance technologies I feel will have a positive impact on society and the environment. I’ve not yet found a focus but I am inspired by the bioeconomy’s potential to empower small companies and developing countries and by its ability to get individuals from all sectors and walks of society to talk, build and shape the future.

Thank you to Innogen for the scholarship. I’m really happy to be with you!

Kim Yeung
Originally from Hong Kong, I spent the past few years in the US studying neuroscience at the University of Southern California and working as a regulatory specialist at Cold Genesys, Inc.

During my undergraduate studies, my main interests were teaching high school biology in downtown Los Angeles and volunteering at the USC hematopoietic stem cell laboratory. After graduation, I worked at a biotech start up, Cold Genesys, where I was introduced to the inner workings of clinical trial and product development. My work experience with the company has since brought my attention to the complexity of regulation and governance behind new investigational drugs and devices. Because the biotech industry plays a significant role on innovation, the MSc Management of Bioeconomy, Innovation and Governance programme presents a great opportunity for me to explore and gain in depth knowledge on the social, political and scientific issues that surrounds innovation. From MSc BIG, I hope to understand more about the commercial and monitoring practices that drive translational research. Following my masters, my aim is to assist academic research and pharmaceutical companies in developing new treatment therapies.

Furthermore, I am sincerely grateful to Innogen and the University of Edinburgh for giving me this incredible opportunity and support to pursue my interest in the field of bioeconomy.

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