Innogen · News · February 21, 2014

Scottish Independence Weekly News Roundup (15/2/14 - 21/2/14)

Scottish Independence Weekly News Roundup (15/2/14 - 21/2/14)

A weekly round-up of Scottish independence news from around the UK

As part of Innogen's three projects for the ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland programme, we have put together a weekly round-up of news on the Scottish independence debate from around the UK.

Yes vote ‘may boost migration’ (Courier)

David Clegg: Currency union policy is off the table…what Alex Salmond does next will shape the course of history (Daily Record)

‘No cross-party plan’ on devolution (BBC)

‘UK will respect Yes vote’ (Scotsman)

Why a Swiss Yes Could Lead to a Scottish No (Huffington Post)

George Osborne Warns on Scottish Independence: Quit the UK and Lose the Pound (International Business Times)

Yes vote or No, we must invest in young people (Herald Scotland)

Sturgeon pledges healthier ties after independence (Scotsman)

What is Alex Salmond’s plan for the currency now? (The Spectator)

Scottish nationalism: Losing the battle but winning the war (Economist)

Retailers turn on Scotland (Telegraph)

Former Tory spin doctor warns lack of devolution plan risk Union (Sunday Times)

Salmond accuses ‘bullying’ ministers (BBC)

Independent Scotland would rely on England ‘to keep lights on’ (Herald Scotland)

Salmond told by Yes colleagues: prepare to dump the pound (Herald Scotland)

Higher education only safe with ‘Yes’ vote, says academics (BBC)

Who pays price of Scots currency? (BBC)

Bracing for the Oops Scenario (Guardian)

Co-op boss says Scottish independence could burden UK business – Sky (Reuters)

Scotland could join EU 18 months after independence vote, says Sturgeon (Guardian)

EU Commission president says Scotland membership not automatic (Financial Times)

Salmond says Scotland will not share debt without share of pound (Financial Times)

More Scots would back greater devolution over independence – poll

Sturgeon predicts Darling will make currency U-turn (Herald Scotland)

Alex Salmond’s state snoopers will face Christian court bid to halt attack on families (Express)

Ed Balls ‘Will Be Haunted’ By ‘Siding With’ George Osborne (Huffington Post)

If Scotland wins independence, should it bring back the Stuart dynasty? (Telegraph)

Scottish independence debate over keeping the pound and the EU seen as ‘defining’ (Independent)

Labour oppose Scottish independence because they fear losing power in Westminster (Telegraph)

Farmers union to host Scottish independence debate (Farming UK)

Devo max is the first choice for a majority of Scots (Scottish Express)

Blocking Scotland’s EU Membership Would Be An ‘Affront To Democracy’, Says Nicola Sturgeon (Huffington Post)

Poll shows Yes campaign gaining ground (Financial Times)