Innogen · News · February 20, 2014

New graphic novel on law, bioethics and medical futures

New graphic novel on law, bioethics and medical futures

Shawn Harmon's Fever Medicine now available

On 24 January 2014, Shawn Harmon officially launched his new illustrated novel, Fever Medicine at Pulp Fiction in Edinburgh. The book is the product of the Graphic & Novel Project, which brought together Edinburgh-based researchers in medicine, art and the humanities to explore ethical, legal, social and scientific issues stemming from novel medical research and technologies.

The book seeks to both entertain and encourage contemplation of and dialogue around a range of socio-ethical issues and potential medical futures.

Science fiction writer, Ken Macleod served as the Creative Consultant on the project, and said:

"Fever Medicine is, without a doubt, the best Edinburgh-set near-future cyberpunk tartan noir comic-style-illustrated short novel on medical ethics and public health policy ... well, ever. It really is very good. With a vivid, violent and fast-moving plot, interspersed with well-placed boxes of factual information and challenging questions, it is educational as well as entertaining. The illustrations and graphic design were done by highly talented students at the Edinburgh College of Art, and are a credit to the artists and the college."