Innogen · News · February 14, 2014

Scottish Independence Weekly News Roundup (08/02/14 - 14/02/14)

Scottish Independence Weekly News Roundup (08/02/14 - 14/02/14)

A weekly round-up of Scottish independence news from around the UK

As part of Innogen's three projects for the ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland programme, we have put together a weekly round-up of news on the Scottish independence debate from around the UK.

Scottish Independence Referendum

Energy market claims analysed (BBC)

Journalist Sarah Smith hits back at accusations of BBC referendum bias (Telegraph)

RBS ‘would quit Edinburgh’ (Edinburgh Evening News)

MPs debate Scottish Independence: Politics live blog (Guardian)

Give Scotland ‘devo max’ (Telegraph)

Business can’t be scared into silence by Alex Salmond & Co (Express)

Ignore the ‘elite’ in independence referendum debate (Telegraph)

Alex Salmond is within striking distance of victory. Why hasn’t England noticed? (The Spectator)

The economic implications (Guardian)

Yes vote could delay increases in retirement age thanks to lower pension costs, new paper reveals (Daily Record)

Should Scotland Become Independent? (Slate)

EU to outline legal advice (Scotsman)

Alistair Darling accuses Alex Salmond of acting like a head of state (Guardian)

‘Tax cuts below UK rate’ (Scotsman)

Alex Salmond’s ‘I know best’ stance angers MSPs (Scottish Express)

‘Economy matters most’ to voters (BBC)

Businesses to break silence (Scotsman)

It’s not Scotland’s job to save England from its failings (Guardian)

Analysis – Scottish banks plan quietly as independence debate gets louder (Reuters)

Cameron’s unionism speech was laudable in substance, but it made him look afraid of Alex Salmond (Spectator)

Alex Salmond’s fawning letters over North Sea ‘elite’ (Scottish Express)

John Swinney hails Norway (Scotsman)

What would independence mean for Scotland’s money machine? (Guardian)

SNP plan to seek common cause with our neighbours to the north (Herald Scotland)

£10bn fund rejects Scots schemes over independence (Scotsman)

Around 60% of Scots think Holyrood should control immigration rather than Westminster, new poll reveals (Daily Record)

Alex Salmond must come clean on border controls, critics demand (Telegraph)

Experts examine the claims (BBC)

Yes campaign readies million-pound marketing blitz (Telegraph)

Farmers ‘would get better deal’ with Yes vote (BBC)

George Osborne will rule out currency union (BBC)

Britain is doomed – even if Salmond loses September’s independence referendum (Spectator)

Alex Salmond’s North Sea Oil Dreams Dashed by OPEC Outlook (International Business Times)

Pick’n’mix attitude towards separation ‘is destined to fail’ (Times)

Whether Unionists Like It or Not, Scottish Independence – However Defined – Is Now a Serious Proposition (Huffington Post)