Innogen · News · February 7, 2014

Scottish Independence Weekly News Roundup (25/1/14 - 07/2/14)

Scottish Independence Weekly News Roundup (25/1/14 - 07/2/14)

A weekly round-up of Scottish independence news from around the UK

As part of Innogen's three projects for the ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland programme, we have put together a weekly round-up of news on the Scottish independence debate from around the UK.

Scottish Independence Referendum

Taxis drive Yes vote (Scotsman)

PM’s pro-union speech plan (Scotsman)

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble (BBC)

Former Scottish secretary warns of ‘hostile divorce’ (BBC)

Mark Carney: Alex Salmond’s sterling plan will not give Scotland full independence (Scottish Express)

Alex Salmond pressurises Mark Carney over pound (Telegraph)

‘Xenophobia’ drives immigration policy, Russell says (BBC)

Scotland and England: we need each other, in sickness and in health (Guardian)

Scottish independence vote a risk to North Sea investment (Telegraph)

No SNP 50p tax pledge (Scotsman)

rUK will benefit – Salmond (Scotsman)

Sharing the pound with an independent Scotland could be a disaster like the Euro, bank governor will warn Scotland (Daily Mail)

Scottish nationalists welcome rising independence support in poll (Financial Times)

Salmond: Scottish independence will benefit Wales and the North of England (Herald Scotland)

Campaigners clash on young voters (BBC)

46% ‘Don’t Mind’ (Sky News)

Expats threaten court battle over Scottish referendum (Sunday Times)

Scottish independence is ‘best for Britain and business’ (Sunday Times)

Brian Cox answers your questions (BBC)

Scottish independence within SNP’s grasp – poll (Scotsman)

House of Lords launches new inquiry into constitutional implications of Scottish independence (Daily Record)

‘American-led wars risk’ (Scotsman)

‘More Holyrood powers’ plan (Scotsman)

Convention calls for women’s voices to be heard (BBC)

Border passport check claim (Scotsman)

Seven months to save UK, Cameron says (BBC)

How Alex Salmond could lose his referendum and still wreck the United Kingdom (Spectator)

’25 years of economic misery’ (Scotsman)

Politicians row over energy market post-yes (BBC)

Lib Dems refresh home rule option (BBC)

Scottish independence threatens trade, say Rennie (Scotsman)

Business divided over independence (Financial Times)

Galloway wants FM post (Scotsman)

Accountancy body claims there is no clear plan for pensions (BBC)

Scottish nationalists look to Nordic model for independence (Financial Times)

Scottish Independence, the EU and the Rebate Debate (Huffington Post)

Sterling effort (BBC)