Innogen · News · January 24, 2014

Scottish Independence Weekly News Roundup (18/1/14 - 24/1/14)

Scottish Independence Weekly News Roundup (18/1/14 - 24/1/14)

A weekly round-up of Scottish independence news from around the UK

As part of Innogen's three projects for the ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland programme, we have put together a weekly round-up of news on the Scottish independence debate from around the UK.

Scottish Independence Referendum

Sturgeon says Scotland would fare far better in EU as independent nation (Courier)

Alex Salmond: Being British is part of my identity (Telegraph)

‘Students could sue Salmond over fees’ (Times)

EU advice disputed (Scotsman)

Scottish government unveils last pre-referendum budget (BBC)

Hague and Alexander in indy EU warning (BBC)

‘EU cash black hole’ claim (Scotsman)

Darling in young voter call (Scotsman)

William Hague Shakes Up Scotland’s EU Membership Debate (International Business Times)

Blair Jenkins and Blair McDougall (BBC)

Harriet Harman claims Yes vote would result in minimum wage cut for country’s poorest (Daily Record)

‘Yes vote will end in court’ (Scotsman)

Implications Of Scottish Independence For Development Cooperation – Analysis (Eurasia Review)

Independence ‘would end relentless austerity’ (Scotsman)

Al Fayed’s ‘statue of liberty’ for independence (Scotsman)

William Hague lectures Scots on independence …then admits he was wrong to say devolution would turn country into ‘high-tax ghetto’ (Daily Record)

Finance firms seek clarity (Scotsman)

Vladimir Putin says referendum ‘a domestic issue’ (BBC)

EU ‘correction’ for Salmond (Scotsman)

Catalan leader Artur Mas praises UK mentality (BBC)

Confidence in economy falling, poll finds (Guardian)

Royal Mail chairman Donald Brydon pleads with fellow Scots to vote ‘no’ (Telegraph)

Leading academic explains why he would rather risk going it alone than see Labour lurch to the right (Daily Record)

As-it-happened: Scottish independence referendum debate (BBC)

Balls challenges Salmond to debate with Better Together (Herald Scotland)

Is £500 the referendum deal breaker? (BBC)

Major new Scottish independence poll brings fresh despair for Alex Salmond (

Flash fiction: New writing inspired by the 2014 Scottish independence referendum (The List)

Lawyers divided over Scotland’s post-yes EU plans (BBC)

Jim Sillars says Labour ‘could lead post yes Scotland’ (BBC)