Innogen · News · January 23, 2014

Research News: ESRC Grant on Regenerative Medicine

Research News: ESRC Grant on Regenerative Medicine

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) awards Prof Andrew Webster (University of York) and Innogen’s Dr James Mittra and Prof Joyce Tait a grant on ‘Regenerative medicine and its development and implementation: an analysis of emergent value systems and health service readiness’.

The principal aim of this project is to examine the regenerative medicine (RM) field, in particular developments in cell therapies, to track the interplay between business models, measures of clinical utility, and patterns of regulatory oversight in order to determine the current and potential impact of the field on health and healthcare systems and how these in turn shape its development.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Explore emerging subsectors of regenerative medicine (with the primary empirical focus being on cell therapies) in the UK, and determine how they vary according to business, clinical and regulatory models;
  • map the value creation process across the key subsectors and technologies identified in the Strategy for UK Regenerative Medicine;
  • derive value chain and innovation ecosystem models that will provide a better understanding of pathways to commercial development and clinical application, and the key enablers and constraints;
  • identify organisational challenges that the application of regenerative medicine is likely to create, while at the same time considering how RM will need to respond to changes in the organisation and delivery of healthcare itself; and
  • in doing so, provide a detailed analysis across all important areas of activity, of how the field of RM is likely to evolve in the UK, what factors will constrain its future development, and how innovation can be supported to enable delivery of societal and commercial benefits.

Prof Andrew Webster

Dr James Mittra

Prof Joyce Tait