Innogen · News · January 17, 2014

Scottish Independence Weekly News Roundup (1/1/14 - 10/1/14)

Scottish Independence Weekly News Roundup (1/1/14 - 10/1/14)

A weekly round-up of Scottish independence news from around the UK

As part of Innogen's three projects for the ESRC Future of the UK and Scotland programme, we have put together a weekly round-up of news on the Scottish independence debate from around the UK.

Alex Salmond accused of ‘conjuring tricks’ on independence figures (Courier)

Scots Labour leader lobs White Paper at Salmond … and scores direct hit (Herald Scotland)

John Barrett: Independence about country, not cash (Scotsman)

Author claims Burns would have backed independence (Herald Scotland)

Acts of Union and Disunion, by Linda Colley, review (Telegraph)

Report analyses childcare pledge revenue impact (BBC)

No Russia approach from UK (Scotsman)

Celtic festival performers to be asked views on independence (Herald Scotland)

Alistair Darling denounces internet ‘cyber-nats’ in Scottish vote (Guardian)

Treasury gives debt pledge on Scotland (Financial Times)

SNP ‘able to scrap bedroom tax now’ (Scotsman)

Experts examine the claims (BBC)

All hail Alex Salmond, future Monarch of the Glen! (Telegraph)

Salmond’s hollow victory in a phoney war over debt (Telegraph)

David Cameron must stop playing into Alex Salmond’s hands (Express)

Treasury promises to honour UK debts up to date of Scottish independence (Guardian)

White Paper ‘a mirage’, says Alistair Carmichael (BBC)

UK Treasury had no choice but to give Scottish independence debt pledge (Guardian)

50 questions Nicola Sturgeon says the No campaign must answer (Herald Scotland)

Politicians at odds over Scotland’s global standing (BBC)

Reacting to recovery (BBC)

Fiscal policy (BBC)

Alistair Darling calls on young people to vote ‘No’ (BBC)

Labour to defend devolution (Scotsman)

Hague to give global case (Scotsman)

EU financial benefit outlined (Scotsman)

Mike Carney to visit Scotland to discuss independence (Telegraph)

iScotland could have channeled EU aid into 2500 extra jobs (Herald Scotland)

Academics cast doubt over independence timetable (Herald Scotland)

MSPs begin scrutinizing post ‘yes’ EU plans (BBC)

Pound union ‘dead in water’ (Scotsman)

rUK tuition fees ‘illegal’ (Scotsman)

Devo-max grey area may mean neverendum (Scotsman)