Innogen · News · December 20, 2013

Innogen Weekly News Roundup (07/12/13 - 20/12/13)

Innogen Weekly News Roundup (07/12/13 - 20/12/13)

All the latest news from around the world on the life sciences and emerging technologies.

A weekly roundup of global news on topics, including: agriculture, the bioeconomy, food and energy security, genes and genomics, global health and development, healthcare, innovation systems, pharma, synthetic biology, science and technology.


Biotechnology, GMO and Scientific Analysis: The Powers of Corporate Manipulation (Global Research)

Agriculture Policy, Do We Have One? (Sudan Vision)

If Genetically Modified Crops Can Feed The World, We Should Loosen Regulations (Co.Exist)

Environmentalists Who Oppose GM Crops Are Unscientific And Dangerous (Business Insider)

Food fight (Economist)

Entrepreneurship Key to Agricultural Growth (All Africa)

GMOs Are Green (MIT Technology Review)

Why We Will Need Genetically Modified Foods (MIT Technology Review)


Pleas to keep patent base in Scotland (Scotsman)

Forests are key to the greening of European economies (Reuters AlertNet)

‘Green Economies’ for Africa’s Sustainable Development (All Africa)

‘Green economy’ jobs will spring up across all sectors (Telegraph)

Where Life Science Angels Are Investing (Bloomberg TV)

Food & Energy Security

EU and Africa to forge research and innovation partnership on food security (AfricanBrains)

Genes & Genomics

Scientists draw up definitive list of genes that make us human (Guardian)

Global Development

UK’s trade development programme failed to prioritise poor – aid watchdog (Guardian)

Zimbabwe: Companies Urged to Go Green (All Africa)

Gender equality: will the post-2015 goals succeed where the MDGs failed? (Guardian)

Global Health

From Persistence to Cross-Species Emergence of a Viral Zoonosis (Science)

Manipulating parasites to overcome sleeping sickness (Business Standard)


Medicines for rare diseases may be effectively valued using multi-criteria decision analysis (News Medical)

Scientists bring stem cell science directly to patients (News Medical)

New Hope For Stem Cells For Application In Regenerative Medicine (Red Orbit)

We’ve Seen the Future of Translational Medicine and It’s Disruptive (Huffington Post)


Do Drugmaker Plans to Release Trial Data Go Far Enough? (Forbes)

GlaxoSmithKline to invest £200m in UK advanced manufacturing and science (PBR)

Funding for drug development partnerships nose dives (SciDevNet)

FDA, European regulators to cooperate on generic drugs (Reuters)

Science and Technology

Fun With Genetic Engineering: Why Letting Students Tinker With Microorganisms Is Good For Education And Society (Forbes)

Nobel winner declares boycott of top science journals (Guardian)

Building Support for Basic Research (The Scientist)

Innogen Associates

Mariana Mazzucato: Let’s rethink the idea of the state: it must be a catalyst for big, bold ideas (Guardian)

Mariana Mazzucato: The Intellectual Hole At the Heart of Mariana Mazzucato’s “Entrepreneurial State” (Forbes)

Marianna Mazzucato: Mariana Mazzucato Responds To Tim Worstall (Forbes)