Innogen · News · December 10, 2013

Gillott discusses ‘Boris, genes and class’

Gillott discusses ‘Boris, genes and class’

BioNews Comment Piece

In the recent comment piece, ‘Boris, genes and class’ for BioNews, John Gillott discussed Boris Johnson’s speech at the Centre for Policy Studies on 28 November 2013 titled: “What Would Maggie do Today?”

During his speech, Mr Johnson touched on genetics and IQ and claimed that IQ scores are partly innate, and that such differences matter in an increasingly competitive capitalist world. As such, those from poorer backgrounds with the innate potential for success should be helped to succeed through increased educational opportunities; those from poorer background with less innate ability should be helped through philanthropy.

Gillott instead asks whether we should focus on life in the modern capitalist world. And in doing so, he explains the salient points are: “although genetics makes a significant contribution to variation in IQ scores, it is striking how little insight this continues to provide us with, about the specifics of the genes involved, about the nature of intelligence and about the prospects of genetics improving education or education policy.”

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