Innogen · News · October 9, 2013

Helping Science and Technology Pay Off

Helping Science and Technology Pay Off

David Castle organises ‘Receptor Capacity for Biotechnology Innovation in Canada’ workshop

Professor David Castle played an integral role in developing a workshop and preparing a draft policy brief on ‘Receptor Capacity for Biotechnology Innovation in Canada’ as part of the Genome Canada Genomics Policy and Society Series.

There is a question in Canada, like may other OECD countries, about why continued investment in science and technology does not always pay off with respect to GDP growth. Despite a long cultural and political history demonstrating a willingness to reap social gain from scientific research and technological developments, Canada’s recent decades demonstrate chronic underperformance and worrying trends about innovation.

This workshop brought together 60 people from the Canadian science and technology community, including many specialists from within the federal civil service. Discussions focused on Canadian biotechnology receptor capacity and ways to develop closer connections between universities and the private sector in order to balance investment in basic research with potentially commercialisable research.

The workshop contributed to a forthcoming policy briefing.