Innogen · News · July 12, 2013

Innogen Weekly News Roundup (06/06/13 - 12/06/13)

Innogen Weekly News Roundup (06/06/13 - 12/06/13)

All the latest news from around the world on the life sciences and emerging technologies.

A weekly roundup of global news on topics, including: agriculture, the bioeconomy, food and energy security, genes and genomics, global health and development, healthcare, innovation systems, pharma, synthetic biology, science and technology.


Agricultural researchers must back local climate innovation (Reuters AlertNet)

Genetically Modified Organisms Scrutinised (All Africa)

Let’s Make Genetically Modified Food Open-Source (Slate)


The quest for green jobs (The Nation)

Managing Natural Resources for Sustainable Development (All Africa)

Comparative development of knowledge-based bioeconomy in the European Union and Turkey (Informa Healthcare)

MEPs back bioeconomy strategy (European Commission)


IVF ban on baby sex selection is not justified, says ethicist (The Telegraph)

Food & Energy Security

Biofuels: have we lost the plot? (Guardian)

Biofuels from food crops to be capped following MEPs’ vote (Guardian)

Small-scale producers key to attaining food security and ending hunger (Guardian)

Genes & Genomics

‘Internet of Genes’ on balance incredible (Winnipeg Free Press)

Global Health & Development

New Drug Could Eradicate Sleeping Sickness by 2020 (Doctors Without Borders)

UK focuses on preventing HIV among adolescents in southern Africa (Guardian)

Africa’s rising population and youth unemployment challenge (Guardian)

A Public-Private Partnership Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts (Huffington Post)


New Alzheimer’s Test Covered by Medicare and Medicaid Only If Patients Participate in Clinical Trials (Medical Daily)

Innovation Systems

The precautionary principle is a blunt instrument (Guardian)

Entrepreneurship – ‘Only 20 Percent Nigerians Know About Govt Funds’ (All Africa)


Why Doesn’t Everybody Buy Cheap, Generic Headache Medicine? (NPR)

Health and pharmaceutical industry: For whom? (Financial Express)

Biosimilars: It’s a matter of time (Pharmaceutical Commerce)

Science & Technology

Prehistoric DNA sequencing: Jurassic Park was not so wide of the mark (Guardian)

UK scientists petition government for £1m to search for alien life (Independent)

How will biotechnology change human evolution? (i09)

Synthetic Biology

Scientists building the world’s first synthetic yeast (BBC)

‘Artificial life’ breakthrough announced by scientists (BBC)

Synthetic biology research to get £60m UK government boost (Financial Times)

UK joins project to create synthetic organism from scratch (Guardian)

This is a powerful technology that can harm as well as benefit the human race (The Independent)