Innogen · News · June 14, 2013

Innogen Weekly News Roundup (08/06/13 - 14/06/13)

Innogen Weekly News Roundup (08/06/13 - 14/06/13)

All the latest news from around the world on the life sciences and emerging technologies.

A weekly roundup of global news on topics, including: agriculture, the bioeconomy, food and energy security, genes and genomics, global health and development, healthcare, innovation systems, pharma, synthetic biology, science and technology.


Genetically modified cotton helps farmers escape malnutrition (Los Angeles Times)

Monsanto Faces More Suits Over Genetically Modified Wheat (2) (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Genetically modified wheat: No answers yet, federal investigators say (Oregon Live)

EU states deadlocked on genetically modified maize approvals (Reuters)

U.S. says unapproved biotech wheat appears limited to one field (Reuters)

GM crops: UK environments secretary to push for relaxation of EU rules (Guardian)

Scientists Shred Study That Says Genetically Modified Food Makes Pigs Sick (SFGate)

Defra grants approval to extension of genetically modified wheat trial (Herald Scotland)

Food & Energy Security

Empower women for food security (Pretoria News)

Genes & Genomics

US Supreme Court rules human genes cannot be patented (Guardian)

Gene Patents Limited by Court in Mixed Ruling for Myriad (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Genetic Patents: Myriad Loses a Battle, But May be Winning the War (Wall Street Journal)

DNA discovery could have been earlier if not for ‘mistaken decision’ by Rosalind Franklin (The Telegraph)

Global Health & Development

Can We Solve Our Global Health Challenges? Industry Leaders Share Solutions (Forbes)


Surgeons implant bioengineered vein (R&D Magazine)

Nanosensors help cancer drug (Science Alert)

Drug development could be improved with stem cell technology, say researchers (News Medical)

Innovation Systems

The intellectual property plan that ran out of ideas (Herald Scotland)

Out of favour: The sell-off in emerging markets should not obscure their attractions (The Economist)

Why Manufacturing Doesn’t Matter (Forbes)


Pfizer chief looks to joint ventures to bolster drug development (Financial Times)

GSK halts drug trials over ‘fake research’ scandal (The Times)

Science & Technology

Could a Stockroom be the Next Great Scientific Revolution? (Wired)

Call to ‘let UK government scientists off the leash’ (BBC)

Synthetic Biology

Kickstarter must not fund biohackers’ glow-in-the-dark plants (Guardian)

Do glowing house plants take gene tinkering too far? (New Scientist)

Fractal Bacteria (Scientific American)

Innogen Associates

Marianna Mazzucato: Debunking The Narrative Of Silicon Valley’s Innovation Might (Forbes)