Innogen · News · August 13, 2013

New Book: Translational Medicine: The Future of Therapy?

New Book: Translational Medicine: The Future of Therapy?

James Mittra’s book on translational medicine now available.

Translational Medicine: The Future of Therapy? edited by James Mittra and Christopher-Paul Milne (Tufts) is now available for purchase.


The central aim of this book is to bring together a range of academic, industry and practitioner perspectives on translational medicine (TM) to significantly enhance conceptual and practical understanding of the emergence and progress of the field and its potential impact on basic research, therapeutic development, and institutional infrastructure/resources. Rather than focus simply on the basic science and its relation to clinical practice, the chapters in this book explore the dynamic interactions and key challenges in translating new science into viable therapies for the clinic, which crucially includes the recognition of the importance of social, commercial, and regulatory environments in addition to good science. Available in both Hardback and eBook.

Key Features

  • A truly interdisciplinary book that provides an overview of translational medicine from "proof of concept" to the delivery of therapy from the relevant stakeholder perspectives that bridge the industry, science, and society nexus
  • International in scope (including chapters relevant to the developing world) and written by international experts in the field
  • Relevant to a broad readership (scientists, social scientists, industry and policy stakeholders)
  • Practically useful for both practitioners of translational medicine (in public and commercial settings) and scholars studying biomedical innovation
  • Potentially a standard text for postgraduate programs in translational medicine

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