Innogen · News · August 13, 2013

Innovative Spending Seminar in South Africa

Innovative Spending Seminar in South Africa

Julius Mugwagwa presents Innovative Spending seminar at the University of Pretoria.

On 19 July 2013, the University of Pretoria hosted Julius Mugwagwa for an open lecture on “Innovative Spending: What should money be spent on to make health innovations more effective?”

The seminar took place as part of Mugwagwa’s 3-year project funded under the ESRC Future Research Leaders programme. The project explores the idea that what is needed is not only more money, but innovative ways of spending money to create and diffuse technologies, products and processes for cost-effective and sustainable impact – using South Africa and Zimbabwe as case studies.

During the presentation, Mugwagwa discussed the factors shaping health spending options in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and interrogated the utility and effectiveness of some approaches already in use, while unearthing some hitherto unreported innovations in spending on health.

Dr Julius Mugwagwa