Innogen · News · August 9, 2013

Innogen Weekly News Roundup (03/08/13 - 09/08/13)

Innogen Weekly News Roundup (03/08/13 - 09/08/13)

All the latest news from around the world on the life sciences and emerging technologies.

A weekly roundup of global news on topics, including: agriculture, the bioeconomy, food and energy security, genes and genomics, global health and development, healthcare, innovation systems, pharma, synthetic biology, science and technology.


Genetically Modified Food: Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out (The Canadian)

Ridley: GM crops don’t kill kids, opposing them does (Calgary Herald)

Exclusive: China approves genetically modified Argentine corn shipment (Reuters)


Bringing scientists to the corporate world (Inquirer News)


Would you edit your genes? (Boston Globe)

Who controls our genes after we die? (The Verge)

Food & Energy Security

GM rice approval ‘edging closer’ (BBC)

After The US Issues Terror Alert, Concerns Over Energy Security In The Middle East And Africa Rise (International Business Times)

America is being left behind by energy innovators (Financial Times)

Lab-grown burgers cannot provide a secure future for Africa (Guardian)

Health Care Needs To Lead The Fight Against Climate Change (Forbes)

Genes & Genomics

Isolated DNA patent ban creates muddy waters for biomarkers and natural products (Nature)

Sense for scents traced down to genes (Nature)

Global Health & Development

GSK adds to help protect millions more children against infectious diseases (Financial)

Women and the New Global Development Agenda (Huffington Post)

Nurturing Open, Creative Development in the Digital Age (Truth-Out)

Brazilian scientists to test AIDS ‘vaccine’ on monkeys later this year (Daily Mail)

Beyond Plugging the Dam: Building a Sustainable Solution to Health in Resource Limited Settings (Huffington Post)

Development: Starved for solutions (Nature)

Public-Private Partnerships Are Vital to Creating an AIDS-Free Generation (Huffington Post)


NPS Pharmaceuticals Enrolls First Patient in Global Registry Designed to Characterize the Natural History of Hypoparathyroidism (Financial Post)

Top French court backs stem-cell research

Hacking Insulin Pumps And Other Medical Devices From Black Hat (Forbes)

Synthetic molecule chokes TB growth (Nature)

DNA nanorobots find and tag cellular targets (

Malaria vaccine shows early promise in clinical trials (BBC)

Innovation Systems

Multiplier maths (Economist)

Is Academic Research on Entrepreneurship Worthwhile? (Huffington Post)

How African innovation can take on the world (CNN)

Can Innovation Actually Be Measured? (Fast Company)


IPAB revokes GSK patent in latest blow to Big Pharma (Business Standard)

Novelty in the target landscape of the pharmaceutical industry (Nature)

GlaxoSmithKline loses cancer drug patent in India (Economic Times)

Drug firms brawl in legislatures over biologic drugs (USA Today)

Science & Technology

World’s first lab-grown burger is eaten in London (BBC)

Inside the world of stem cell research (Salon)

We need a science fit for the challenges of our future (Guardian)

The Great Edinburgh Science Riot (BBC)

Ask for Evidence: demanding facts for sciencey claims (Boing Boing)

Electric Therapy for Medical-Device Malware (MIT Technology Review)

Synthetic Biology

Kickstarter bans project creators from giving away genetically-modified organisms (The Verge)

Imperial Podcast: synthetic biology, baby science and business plans (Imperial College London)

Innogen Associates

Marianna Mazzucato: A much-maligned engine of innovation (Financial Times)