Innogen · News · February 15, 2013

Innogen Weekly News Roundup (09/02/13 - 15/02/13)

Innogen Weekly News Roundup (09/02/13 - 15/02/13)

All the latest news from around the world on the life sciences and emerging technologies.

A weekly roundup of global news on topics, including: agriculture, the bioeconomy, food and energy security, genes and genomics, global health and development, healthcare, innovation systems, pharma, synthetic biology, science and technology.


Do plants ‘veto’ bad genes? (Nature)


Science of life in the economy (BBC News Scotland)

Global Health

Social media may aid HIV prevention (The Times of India)

Politics and Global Health – Are we missing the obvious? (PLOS Blogs)


The Stem Cell Breakthrough That Could Help Solve America’s Organ Transplant Shortfall (Think Progress)

Scientists discover natural trigger that enables stem cell development (News Medical)

Genetically Modified Smallpox Vaccine Effective In Liver Cancer Research (The Inquisitr)

Stem Cell Discovery Gives Insights Into Motor Neuron Disease (Science Daily)

Stem cell implants can fix broken bones (Zee News)

The Holy Grail of Drug Development: Small Molecules with the Power of Biologics (Xconomy)


Teaching old pills new tricks (Economist)

Bad Pharma? Maybe. But Goldacre’s Selective Use of Data Is Wrong (Forbes)

Science Policy

Why Obama Is Right To Push For More Science Funding (Forbes)

Science & Technology

Science research: three problems that point to a communications crisis (The Guardian)

Brain implant gives rats a feel for infrared (The Guardian)