Innogen · News · July 9, 2013

Innovations in Health Spending

Innovations in Health Spending

Julius Mugwagwa co-hosting roundtable discussion on ‘Innovations in Health Spending’ with the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare in Zimbabwe.

The search for sustainable and effective health delivery mechanisms continues unabated from global to local levels. The importance of funding and investment in health cannot be over-emphasised. The Zimbabwean health system is home to many ground-breaking research, manufacturing, financing, delivery and insurance innovations championed by a diverse set of actors – ranging from the government, private and civil society sectors to communities, households and individuals. Global and local economic challenges have in some cases served as both an inhibitor and stimulator of innovations.

Underpinned by and advancing the notion of innovation spending in health, this meeting is part of Dr Mugwagwa’s research project on ‘innovative spending in health’, exploring the idea that what is needed is not only more money, but also innovative ways of spending money to create and diffuse technologies, products and processes for cost-effective and sustainable impact.

Participants in the meeting will discuss and reflect on Zimbabwe’s past, current and envisaged innovations in health spending, in order to contribute towards a clearer understanding of factors shaping health spending options in the country.

‘Innovations in Health Spending’ will take place on 10 July 2013 in Harare.

Innovative spending: what should money be spent on to make global health innovations more effective in developing countries?

Julius Mugwagwa