Innogen · News · May 29, 2012

Rothamsted GM Wheat Trial: What can social science can tell us?

The genetically modified food controversy has once again come to a head, following protests of the GM wheat trial by Rothamsted Research.


The debate over genetically modified food is not a new one. Most recently, Rothamsted Research – the research institution attempting to grow wheat designed to be resistant to aphids and, thus, require less insecticide – has drawn the ire of environmental activists and protestors attempting to destroy the experiment.

These events are not surprising, and are just the latest in a series of direct actions that stretch back at least 15 years. Over this period, no GM crop trial in the UK has survived the attentions of activist groups.

In light of continued actions against so-called ‘Frankenfood’, what can the social sciences tell us about what is going on here?

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