Innogen · News · May 10, 2012

Consulting on rare diseases

Prof David Wield (Director of Innogen) will speak at Rare Disease UK’s Stakeholder Engagement Event for Scotland to address the research aspect of the consultation on the UK plan for rare diseases.

The UK’s health departments have recently launched a consultation on a UK plan for rare diseases. As part of that process, Rare Disease UK has organised stakeholder engagement events in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with the goal of informing and gathering feedback from stakeholders, as well as providing a platform for sharing views and encouraging engagement on the consultation.

Rare Disease UK has invited Innogen's director, David Wield, to speak at the event in Scotland on the 10th of May. Prof Wield will discuss research on rare diseases, including the RDUK’s vision for research, disease registers, coding and classification, health care delivery and novel research methods.

Further information:

The consultation document - Consultation on the United Kingdom Plan for Rare Diseases

RDUK’s recommendations for a plan for rare diseases - Improving Lives, Optimising Resources: A Vision for the UK Rare Disease Strategy

Rare Disease UK