Innogen · News · April 26, 2012

Innogen Scholars to tackle ‘The Global Health Challenge’

A panel of past and present Innogen scholars are set to present an interesting discussion at the 2012 International BISA-ISA Conference in June.

To respond to the questions of the event’s theme Diversity in the Discipline: Tension or Opportunity in Responding to Global Challenges, Innogen’s panel - chaired by Professor David Wield, Director of Innogen - will discuss the challenges of vaccine development in Canada, Europe and the United States (Farah Huzair), drug registration in Sub-Saharan Africa (Julius Mugwagwa), regulation of stem cell research and medical devices in India and Argentina (Dinar Kale and Shawn Harmon), and attitudes toward human cloning among African stakeholders (Adéle Langlois).

For more information on the event, visit our blog - The Innogen Insider and the BISA-ISA Conference webpage.