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Now online: intro to technology and innovation policy research

This interdisciplinary module is free to access and provides an introduction to technology and innovation policy and research in this field.

These materials were developed by Innogen and DPP staff in collaboration with colleagues at the Africa Centre for Technology Studies in Nairobi, Kenya as part of a British Council and Open University funded research and training project.

The module emphasis is on examining issues of interdisciplinary research embracing economic, sociological and managerial orientations. The approach is to build understanding of technology policy and technology innovations processes thereby providing a robust grounding, before exploring research methods employed to investigate technology and innovation policy.

It is important to appreciate that this is not a research methods course as research techniques are not actively taught. Instead, a selection of research tools are introduced and applied to technology policy and innovation. Thus, it focuses on methods and skills best suited for technology policy and innovation rather than being comprehensive.

Course materials: An introduction to technology and innovation policy research

Development Policy and Practice (DPP), Open University

Innogen research programme: Innovation, Development and Global Health: The role of partnerships and innovation systems and strategies for enhancing capacities