Innogen · News · November 22, 2011

Britain In 2012

Britain in 2012

Enjoy a bumper number of Genomics Network articles in this annual ESRC publication.


The ESRC’s annual news stand magazine Britain in 2012 is on sale, offering readers a concise analysis of research and topical issues concerning Britain today. 

As part of showcasing the diversity of ESRC-funded research around the state of the nation the ESRC Genomics Network has authored 10 articles in this year’s publication. 

These range from a Science and Innovation item on the development of non-invasive pre-natal genetic testing by Egenis’s Dr Susan Kelly alongside environmental articles by Innogen on biofuels, and how breeding technologies might help reduce methane emissions from sheep and cattle.

Within the Public Services section Cesagen looks at how our care systems are failing our aging society, and the powerful vision of personalised medicine and what it could mean for the future of healthcare.  From the Genomics Forum Professor Steve Yearley examines how some of Europe’s Zoos are looking to engage the public in nature conservation, and  highlights the political issue of food security.

Copies of Britain In 2012 are available from WH Smiths Travel and High Street shops, Waitrose, M&S, Waterstones, and online through our the ESRC website.

For more details and to order your copy visit:  ESRC Britain in 2012