Innogen · News · November 7, 2011

Sociology journal special issue

Genetics and Society Book Series

Call for submissions for issue to be edited by EGN team

The call for article manuscripts is now open for a special issue of Sociology, the journal of the British Sociological Association, to be edited by the team organising the EGN : (Egenis, lead editor), (Cesagen), (Genomics Forum) and (Innogen).

The special issue, entitled, 'Genetics: The Sociology of Identity' will be in print in October 2013. The call for submissions is now open until 31 July 2012.

“The issue will address the many ways in which genetic knowledge and technologies intersect with the formations of personal, social, cultural, racial/ethnic and national identities in contemporary societies,” says Dr Hauskeller. “It will bring together state-of-the-art sociological analysis of identity concepts and practices with reflections on the diverse roles played by genetic knowledge in the formation, consolidation and problematisation of contemporary identities.”

Potential themes are suggested on the full call for papers.

Authors are requested to read the full submission instructions (on on the ‘Instructions and Forms’ page) before submitting manuscripts.

All manuscripts will be subject to the normal referee process, but potential authors are welcome to discuss their ideas in advance with the editors. Queries: