Innogen · News · September 28, 2011

PET poll on genes and race

Human expression

Have your say on genes, ancestry and racial identity.


Throughout 2011 the Progress Educational Trust (PET) has been running a Wellcome Trust-supported project, 'Genes, ancestry and racial identity: Does it matter where your genes come from?'. The project, which was conceived as a response to the increasing prominence of controversies concerning genetics and 'race' and of direct-to-consumer genetic tests which purport to reveal where one's ancestors come from, is now concluding with an online poll.

This is your chance to participate in the 'Genes, Ancestry and Racial Identity' project and help PET to gauge public and professional understanding of the connection (or lack of connection) between race and genetics.

There’s more about the project and the work of the Progress Education Trust on the BioNews website.