Innogen · News · February 10, 2006

Innogen Co-director invited to give presentation at Royal Society's South Africa Day: 866

'Dave Wield gave a presentation on 'The Role of Higher Education and the Knowledge Economy: How the UK-South Africa relationship can take this forward'

'South Africa Day' was organised by the Royal Society, with the UK's Office of Science and Technology with the Department of Science and Technology of South Africa on 30-31 January'

This event aimed to showcase the excellent science in South Africa and to stimulate closer links between South African and UK scientists.

Leading UK and South African scientists in the fields of biotechnology and infectious diseases; energy and climate change; and advanced materials were brought together.

The event was to raise the awareness in South African and UK scientific communities of opportunities to collaborate and funding mechanisms to support this collaboration. Furthermore, it provided an outstanding opportunity for leading South African and UK scientists to network with each other.